lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

El nosfer

Lo ultimo de Miniaturas Ramirez ......

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Sufficient assist internal evaluation sends employee to do not support each other Wei Di becomes angry: Fasten faction
Sufficient assist do not unite, wei Di is very malcontent.
3 days morning, sufficient assist held all meeting, what the conference basically discusses is the canal handles detached topic for discussion. Before formal meeting, sufficient assist vice-chairman Wei Di talked first sufficient assist interior makes component " " . When talking this, wei Di appears very angry, his criticism is sufficient assist in-house existence does not unite, do not support each other phenomenon.
Before the Spring Festival, sufficient assist constituent interior staff member is right the expression that goes one year undertakes making component each other, the according to that [url=]cheap nike shoes for sale[/url] make component " heart, can, diligent, discipline, cheap " wait for a few respects to have appraise sth through discussion, every full marks is very, full marks 100 minutes. Hit cent to take not nominative kind, every employee puts his result that make component into sealed case. Final result shows, sufficient assist the cent of everybody is worth general on the low side. The other center system of subordinate of sports total bureau also did such hitting to divide, but their average branch basically is in sufficient assist over. Wei Di emphasizes on congress, sufficient assist middle-level is highest without more than 90 minutes, and other unit (the unit inside all of department of physical education) a lot of outstanding person be in 90 minutes of above, "We are bits 80 minutes moster. " Wei Di says angrily on the meeting, this is sufficient assist the expression that interior does not unite, and think somebody borrows evaluate end of the year do not support each other.
"When you are making low component to others, also think oneself at ordinary times how! " Wei Di still cited on the meeting among Beijing spirit include, thick heart, he thinks sufficient assist individual person lack includes. To emphasize unitive importance, wei Di still made a figure of speech with feeling of husband and wife, he says to should include between husband and wife, if always capture the defect of the other side, so cannot long, "The job also is such likewise. Hundred years repair so that cross with the boat, everybody participates in a football to work together is some kind of lot. " Wei Di emphasizes, individual person should slam the door does not unite, not not modest, assiduous practice. (Zhao Yu)